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Monday, March 29, 2010

An Interview with Kathy McCullough

I'm beginning this week of inspirational interviews with debut author Kathy McCullough. Her young adult novel, Delaney Collins, F.G., will be available in 2011.

Tell us about your book.
The book is called “Delaney Collins, F.G.” and it’s being published in November of 2011 by Random House/Delacorte. It’s the story of a teenage girl who discovers that her estranged father is a fairy godmother – and that she’s destined to become one as well.

Can you tell us a little bit about your road to publication?
I began as a screenwriter and went to film school at Columbia University in New York City. After many years in Hollywood, working a little as a screenwriter (mostly in TV) and a lot reading other people’s scripts and books for different film production companies, I decided to try writing a novel. I’ve always loved young adult and middle-grade fiction, and I was reading a lot of popular kids books for companies like Walden Media, which spurred me on further. I signed up for a children’s writing class with author Karen D’Arc, and the first thing she told us to do was to join the SCBWI, which I did. I attended their conferences, which were always inspiring, and after a lot of stops and starts on various stories, I finally forced myself to finish something – and then I rewrote it about 8,347 times. But, as they say, the 8,347th time is the charm, and I landed agents and they sent it out – and it sold!

Was there ever a time you felt like giving up? Why didn't you?
I constantly despair while I’m working on something new that I’ve lost any talent I ever had, and that what I’m writing is a stupid idea, badly written. But I’ve never really seriously considered doing anything else, because I don’t want to. I’ve learned to live on very little money for the long stretches of time that “starving artists” often experience, because it’s more important to me to have time to write than to buy a new car, for example. (Proof: I drive a used 1990 Honda Civic – but mostly I take the Los Angeles!) As many writers have said before me: no one who does this is sane. You write because you have to. If you could possibly do anything else, you would. So that’s the short answer: I’m insane.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and telling us about Delaney Collins, F.G. and your publication journey, Kathy!

For more information about Kathy and her book, check out the links below:
Kathy McCullough's website
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The website of Delaney Collins, F.G.

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Blogger Bish Denham said...

Nice interview. Thanks for sharing!

March 29, 2010 at 7:53 AM  
Blogger Carrie Harris said...

It doesn't get much better than this. Two of my most favorite people in the world ON THE SAME BLOG. WHEEEEEE!

March 29, 2010 at 8:41 AM  
Anonymous Alissa said...

Great interview Amy and Kathy!

March 29, 2010 at 10:16 AM  
Blogger Claire Dawn said...

Nice interview!

Kathy, from Hollywood, to Bookywood! What a charmed life!

March 29, 2010 at 11:20 AM  
Blogger TerryLynnJohnson said...

Love learning more about authors and new books. thanks for the interview.

March 29, 2010 at 11:28 AM  
Blogger Elana Johnson said...

I so agree that you write because you have to. What a great bit of wisdom. :)

March 29, 2010 at 1:15 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Great interview, Amy and Kathy! I am glad I'm not the only one that feels insecure about new projects.
I can't wait to read "Delaney Collins, F.G."

March 29, 2010 at 1:26 PM  
Blogger Lisa and Laura said...

I love this--the 8,347th time is a charm. How true is that? Awesome interview ladies!

March 29, 2010 at 2:32 PM  
Blogger Julie Musil said...

8,347 re-writes? Then I'm on the right track! Thanks for the fun interview.

March 29, 2010 at 2:43 PM  
Blogger Tamika: said...

Great interview ladies! Now I only have 8,346 more to go!

March 29, 2010 at 2:53 PM  
Blogger Kirsten Hubbard said...

love reading about my fellow SoCal/Delacorte girl! can't wait for your book (and yours too, amy)

March 29, 2010 at 4:54 PM  
Blogger gae polisner said...

so much fun to read tidbits about all our fellow writers. It's a bumpy road for most, but one well-worth travelling. And each success story, more proof it can be done!

Good luck, Kathy!

March 29, 2010 at 5:56 PM  
Blogger Kathy McCullough said...

Wow, what nice comments. :) Very encouraging as I embark on my 8348th revision, this time for the editor...
Thank you all! And thanks so much, Amy. :)

March 29, 2010 at 8:11 PM  
Blogger Tiffany Schmidt said...

We may all be insane... but I think we'd be so much insanER if we didn't write down these stories in our heads :)

Thanks for sharing your story, Kathy!

March 29, 2010 at 9:34 PM  
Blogger Shelli (srjohannes) said...

great interview!

March 29, 2010 at 10:10 PM  
Blogger Amy Holder said...

Thanks for all the great comments! And I want to send a huge thank you to Kathy for doing this interview!

March 29, 2010 at 11:09 PM  
Blogger Linda G. said...

Kathy, you had me from "discovers her estranged father is a fairy godmother" -- fantastic hook. I'll be looking for DELANEY COLLINS, F.G. on the shelves ASAP. :)

March 30, 2010 at 9:52 AM  
Blogger Kathy McCullough said...

Wow! Even more nice comments! Thank YOU, Amy. These interviews are so fun and interesting and inspiring. And the week's only begun!

March 30, 2010 at 11:12 AM  
Blogger Janet Fox said...

Kathy! I'm so glad I found your interview over here at Amy's place.

What a great interview and now I'm doubly excited to read your book.

Many hugs - Janet

March 30, 2010 at 8:40 PM  
Blogger Angie Smibert said...

Great interview. I'm fascinated by all the roads to publication. Columbia Film School. Cool.

March 31, 2010 at 6:13 PM  
Blogger said...

as they say, the 8,347th time is the charm

Speaking of charm, Kathy, I just visited your webpages. Delaney Collins, F.G. is the most charming character I've met in ages!

April 1, 2010 at 8:50 AM  

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